Poof! Here I am.

Welcome to my blog. I have wanted to start a blog for a long time, just never really got serious about it. I have finally been inspired enough to actually DO it.  I was turned on to another blogger recently by my sister-in-law, and have found comfort, distraction from my own drama, and complete inspiration in her and her story.  I have been inspired creatively, but in addition to that, and most importantly mentally and emotionally by her. Her name is Ashley and her blog is lil blue boo.

I’ve had a rough go of 2012 so far (you can read more about this here), but I am positive that’s got to change!  It does, right? Something I am thankful for is learning more and more every day, that happiness and optimism CAN be obtained.  It’s simply A CHOICE.  The most valuable take-away I have from Ashley, is her coined phrase “Choose Joy”.  It’s pretty simple, right?  Yeah, to say, and to type, but not exactly that easy to actually DO IT every day.  She does. And it shows. I need to make this choice. EVERY DAY. 

So, in a way this blog is therapy for me, but I believe in time, it will blossom with its own creative personality.  I like to share most things, so I will be sharing them here, with you.  Cooking, my little adventures, crafts, a little photography, and my daughter and her never-ending ability to stump me with her questions and amaze me with her comprehension of life.  If you choose to follow me and my blog, let me know and leave a comment!  If you don’t, thanks for stopping by and reading as much as you did.

It’s leap year!  Let’s get to leaping!! (Although, if you are like me, and love to wear flip-flops, be careful when you leap.  It’s a little tricky in them).

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