I Resisted The Urge

Today was a bit of a “mixed bag” for me.  Normally, Friday is a good day.  Wooohooo!  Two days to play!  Until recently, that thrilled the heck out of me.  But now that I have become newly single….not so much.  It takes some getting used to not having plans for the weekends.  Yes, I’m doing my best to try and fill my weekends when I can…but it’s not so easy this time of year….gets dark early, kinda cold and icky still. It’s always so much easier in the summer when it’s light longer, and warm out!  But, thanks to Ashley at LBB I’m still making the conscious effort to Choose Joy every day.  And so far….it’s working!

So, normal morning herding my lolly-gagger, I mean daughter off to the Boys & Girls Club (where she goes until school starts). Today is Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, so all the kids were instructed to wear Dr. Seuss hats.  Here is Emma in hers.   

I like to work longer days Mon-Thurs, so that I can have a short Friday.  This comes in especially handy during the summer when I am jetting (not really in a jet, just my SUV) off to Hood Canal, or headed somewhere to go camping, etc.  I can get an early start on the travel time, or, if I want to take the entire day off and leave Thursday, I don’t have to burn through as much vacation time, and still get a three day weekend. (Go me!). Anyway….I put in my few hours at work today, and then needed to go to one of my favorite craft stores to get a couple things for a project I want to start….eventually, sometime…ok, so maybe I just wanted to go shopping.  😉 Not too far into the store, I ran into this AMAZING display of what?? Flip-Flops!  Yes.  It’s March, and they have FLIP-FLOPS OUT.  

This alone lifted my spirits.  It’s coming….it’s really coming…SUMMER!  So after worshiping the wall of flips for a couple minutes, I wandered to another part of the store, and guess what I came across?  Are you ready? Are you sitting down? Wait ….wait for it….…ANOTHER wall of FLIP-FLOPS.  I had to catch my breath. Definitely no denying it now…it’s almost time for pedi’s and flip-flops, bbq’s and sunshine, cold corona’s and lime (and if you’re my SIL, jalapeño). It’s surprising, but I departed the store and did not have ONE single pair in my cart. Yep….I’m THAT strong. They also had these really cool tin buckets specifically for flip-flops.  It’s genius.  I may need to go back and get one.

So basically my day had its ups and downs.  And after turning on the tv and randomly ending up on a show called “Crave Pizza”….the cards seem to be settling down and ending up in my favor for the day.  I’m (drooling, and) learning all kinds of things about (drool) pizza (more drool)  Did you know it’s been around since at least 500 B.C.?  Me either.  Crazy.  Don’t mess with a good thing I guess. Tomorrow, in addition to “Choosing Joy”, I may need to also “choose pizza”. 🙂


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