It takes talent

 We have a pretty amazing pet in our house.  Her name is Daisy.  She’s a bilingual cat that does tricks.  It’s true. You don’t believe me?  Let me give you the facts behind this.  Emma (a.k.a. The Cat Whisperer) “works” with Daisy on a daily basis.  I’ve been summoned to her room on many occasions to see these things being performed. You see, Emma has been teaching Daisy sign language. Not only that, but some of the “signs” are commands to perform tricks! I know…double whammy right?  Emma came and said, “Mom, I’m teaching daisy sign language, come and see”….. In the first picture below you can see Emma’s arm….she is “signing” Daisy’s command to “sit in the hoop”, and VIOLA! She’s doing it.  The next picture is of Daisy “lying down in the hoop”.  She’s REALLY good at this stuff.  😉   

Daisy, is the kind of cat that if you put your hand down at her level within several inches of her face…she will come and “dive” into your hand to be petted. So Emma, the Cat Whisperer, has “trained” Daisy, that if she puts her fingers all together, at her fingertips (like you would if you were making a hand alligator), that means to come to be petted. 

 In addition to sign language, she of course speaks “cat”.  We think she speaks some “dog” also, given the amount of time she spends rubbing on, hanging out with, and sleeping with Riley (our Mini-Doxie).  The last language she speaks, Emma thinks is….Spanish.  One morning, I was trying to get Emma up and dressed and out the door so I could drop her at the Boys & Girls Club before I went to work.  Emma is quite the “lolly-gagger”…so mostly, this task every morning is like trying to push rope.  Have you ever laid a piece of rope down, and then tried to push it, to move it?  Yeah, it’s doesn’t work so well. Anyway, I was waiting on her to do something…and I turned to the cat and said “Emma needs to HURRY UP doesn’t she Daisy?”….knowing that Emma was within earshot.  Emma turns to us and says, “I think she speaks Spanish, because she doesn’t usually answer”.  Well, that clears that mystery up.  Our cat never verbally responds because simply, we are speaking the wrong language to her.  Good to know.  🙂


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