Someone I want you to meet

Remember how I said I had more than one Muse?  (You can read about another one here.) Meet Tasha. 


No, not the tall hairy one in the hat….she’s the cute blond with the infectious smile.  We started out as co-workers, and quickly became friends. I can honestly say that I have laughed harder with her, than I have with anyone else.  She now works for another company (booooo), before that, our offices were just down the hall from each other.  Close enough that she would send me a crazy instant message on my computer at work, and then she’d wait and listen to hear me laughing….then she’d send me a message that she could hear me laughing, and that made her laugh.  I know, it’s crazy, but laughter is medicine, its good for the soul, and she provided me LOTS of it.  During lunch we drove down to Joe’s Mini-Mart so we could get a GIGANTIC diet soda in Styrofoam cups.  Joe’s was the only mini-mart close by that had Styrofoam cups.  Why does the type of cup matter? An important fact I didn’t know until I met Tasha, is Styrofoam cups don’t sweat.  (You didn’t know that, did you?) So you can leave it on your desk all day long without the watery mess on the outside of the cup.  Plus you can write your name or draw pictures on it with just your fingernail. How had I made it this far in life without this gem of knowledge, I don’t know.  So to Joe’s we went.  Almost daily. 

Thursday’s were “Mongo” days.  We went to a nearby Mongolian place for lunch, and looked forward to receiving our “fortune” in the cookie on our way out. This would sometimes indicate whether or not we needed to stop at Joe’s and buy a mega millions ticket on the way back to work. 😉  Tasha is the only person I know who LOVES to go to Mongolian, but literally only has like 10 noodles on the heaping pile of the “rest of the stuff” (jalapeno’s included). I mean, isnt that kinda what Mongolian is all about?  NOODLES?

Tasha is also what I like to call….um…..a freestyle parker. It’s where you just kinda go for it and pull into your parking spot, regardless if you are straight and aligned in the spot, or NOT. Before we’d get out, I tried to warn her about our “position” in the spot, but she rarely believed me….until we got out. 🙂

All of these crazy things make up one of my best friends.  She has had her share of health issues here and there, but you would never know it if she didn’t tell you.  She always has a smile on her face or a sarcastic comment to make you laugh, regardless of what she’s going through.  She doesn’t need to “Choose Joy”, she lives it already.  Every day. I can’t help but join in…’s contagious. Being around her makes my troubles literally disappear.  She’s not trying to make that happen…it just does. She has a loving, husband that supports her through everything and clearly adores her.  Their love is obvious….they are the couple you will see in the grocery store still holding hands when they’re 90 yrs old.  I’m positive of that.

I am so thankful she is part of my life! I WUBB you Tasha!


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