Crazy Amazing

Monday’s used to be the most dreaded day of the week for me. It meant the weekend was over, and all I had ahead of me was 5 grueling days of WORK.  That is….until this Monday.

It could have easily been not JUST a Monday…but one of “those days” AND a Monday, combined.  My darling daughter wanted desperately to bring her mermaid Barbie to school. My answer was no. So, we went to school with tears, which is never fun.  In all the commotion of getting her and I ready and out the door, and having the Barbie battle, I left my lunch sitting on kitchen counter.  Sounds like a rough start to the day doesn’t it?  Normally, after all that, combined with just MONDAY, by the time I got to work I would be about ready to put some Bailey’s in my coffee and call it a day.  But strangely, by the time I pulled into the parking lot at work, I was surprisingly feeling kind of care free.  I realized I had my coffee (yes…I caved and purchased my $5 cup of coffee on the way to work). I was listening to the radio (which I can do now without bursting into tears or having to quickly change the station to avoid this song or that song…do you KNOW how many songs there are about cancer and breakups??), For lack of a better descriptoin…I felt “light”. I havent felt that in a long time, let alone on a Monday morning.  I believe that this “Choose Joy” thing is ACTUALLY working!  It’s starting to happen without me even realizing it!  Wooohooo!!

You may not realize how big this really is for me.  I mentioned before that I am (unfortunately) a natural-born pessimist and worrier. So, this isn’t just your regular mostly happy person having an attack of the positives….no, this is like CRAZY amazing… started out half EMPTY and not only filled itself up, it started overflowing!

I’m seeing, that Monday, and any other day of the week, is just another day that can be filled with fun, creativity, humor, and love. I just have to spend 8-9 hours of it at work…but other than that, it’s just another day. It’s actually a very liberating feeling. Bring on the week and whatever it has to offer!

Something to try and remember….


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