Why stop at the hermit crab?

After the “adoption” of Lily Lime the hermit crab, my daughter started to realize how persuasive she could be on paper, apparently.  Over the next week, I received two more of her heartfelt letters pleading with me for just one more pet. I was on to her and her trap (the letters) now though! 😉  

I think she secretly wants to be a Zoo Keeper.  Which is not unlike I was as a kid. I must resist the unbridled cuteness of the letter, resist my urge to sometimes live vicariously through her with things that I didn’t get when I was a her age, and say “no”.

This time, I saved the letters to share them.  Here was the first one…..

Really?  A turtle?

Here is the second one……

Now a lizard?

I like how she drew her own “lines” to write on also.  Haha. So tell me, would YOU be able to resist this?  I’m sure you can see how we ended up with the hermit crab after the first one. Right??


3 responses

  1. Auntie Jatie has a soft spot in her heart for lizards… Maybe if she and I ganged up on Uncle Jeff she and I could get one, I’d keep it here but she could name it…. I would promise to send daily pictures and updates….pleeeeease uncle Jeff? Just onnnnne mooorrrre pet?!?!?!?

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