Project: Picture Wall Collage

UPDATE: I had a request for a little more detail on this.  So here it is!

This is the spray paint I used – It has primer and paint in one, so you can skip that first step, and perhaps not have hamstring and finger fatigue like I did.  😉

First I wiped down the frames with a damp cloth prior to painting.  Then, I did two coats of paint, allowing the first to dry completely (overnight) before applying the second.  Then I let that dry overnight. Make sure you get down close to the frames, getting them from EVERY angle.  It’s easy to miss the edges when your using spray paint.

Here are the close-ups….sorry the picture quality kinda sucks…. dark hallway + iPhone 3GS with no flash = not great pictures.

I laid out all the framed photos on the floor and arranged them as I wanted them.  Then I took the overall height and width, and marked them on the wall, so I knew the space I needed to stay within.  I took a photo of the arrangement on the floor, so I would have a schematic to work off of transferring them all to the wall.


I finally finished changing the photos on the wall in the hallway.  I have learned my lesson on “upcycling” used frames.  Make SURE you pay attention to what is on the back of them.  A couple that I used, were meant to stand up on a desk or table, rather than hang on the wall.  This meant that to use them, I had to PRY off the hardware that the “stand up arm-thingy” (yes, that’s the technical term), attaches to the frame with, without destroying the particle board backing on the frame.  No bueno.  I won’t make that mistake again. 

Here is the wall before…. sorry the pictures are kind of dark….

Here is the “make-over” in progress….. 🙂

And here is the finished collage…..

Notice that I also turned some of Emma’s “artwork” into photo’s and mixed them in as well.  I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out! Seeing her silly face and her colorful art makes me smile everytime I walk by it.


2 responses

    • Yep – I used some of the current frames that were up, and added in some other frames I had laying around waiting for the right home. 🙂 I dis-assembled the frames, removing the glass and any matting etc. then used a spray paint w/primer all ready in it, to paint them. I did two coats. Then I purchased white mattes for the ones I wanted matted. I’ll take some more close ups and a pic of the paint can I used this weekend and update my post. 🙂

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