Project: Crayon Garden

This weekend I decided to take the whole crayon thing in a new direction. I have been meaning to do one of those melted crayon rainbows on canvas, that I have seen all over pinterest, but haven’t gotten to it yet.  This weekend, I felt like doing something similar, but different. I am hooked on painting right now, so I wanted to incorporate that as well. And of course, I HAD to add some bling (just a touch). 🙂

This is what I came up with.


You will need crafting glue, crayons, and a canvas (whatever size you want your “garden” to be). Because the crayons will be the “grass” and “stems”, I painted my canvas blue all over to become the sky, with acrylic paints. I used 3 different colors of blue on the same brush to give it some depth.

This is the brand of paint I like.


I let that dry a couple of hours. Then, put a strip of glue on each crayon, and lay it on the canvas like this.  I alternated light and dark greens, some browns, and a couple of yellows….


Once you have them all the way across the canvas, let the glue dry for a couple of hours.  You don’t want it melting on the next step. 

You will need a hairdryer (you can also use and embossing heat tool if you have that). 

Turn on the dryer and aim it at the crayons.  Once they start to melt, be ready, cuz it will go fast.  Make sure to hold the canvas at an angle so the wax will run down the canvas.

Once you take the heat off, the wax from the crayons solidifies almost instantly. Once you have your “grass” and “stems” how you want them, you can add your flowers. You can use any artificial flowers you want, I have way to many on hand already, so I used this daffodil that I had. Daisy’s would also be pretty.

You will need to take the flower apart, removing the stem, and the very inner peice that holds the flower together, in order for it to lay flat on the canvas.  Like this….

Once you have your flower apart, you can “re-assemble” it on the canvas, using glue between each layer. 

Anddd……Viola!   All done!



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