Demolition Derby

Emma and I went to a good ole fashioned demolition derby.  I have only been to one other demo derby and it was a looooooooooooong time ago (yes, I am old). This was Emma’s first one.  I have to admit she didn’t really believe me when I told her it was cars that drive around really fast and smash into each other….on PURPOSE.  Apparently, I “pull her leg” frequently enough that she didn’t believe me until we got there Haha. She was pretty fascinated by it.

 I was actually surprised at the amount of spectators and support there was for this local event.  And a beer garden…woohoo! I have to admit that as we watched the cars plow into each other, I got to thinking…how many times have I wanted to do that EXACT thing to someone while driving in traffic? I can see the draw to participate as it looks pretty darn satisfying to me. 😉

Here are the cars all lined up before the start….

The winner of the first event was the only woman in the competition (YEAH!), and she’d just had a baby 6 months ago.  I think she was probably unleashing out 9 months-worth of pissed off and pregnant on those poor guys. No wonder she won.

Here she is…the last car standing……also notice where the #112 car is “parked” haha…

They also had a fun little event called “Jump You’re Junk”. Yes. Really. It was trucks, cars, and SUV’s so I guess anything goes. How fun would THAT be? Take your beater truck out there and do a Dukes of Hazzard off a giant dirt pile?  Yeeeehaawwww!

I didn’t get any good photo’s of the jumping cuz I was using my iPhone, but here is a blurry one…

Then we had an intermission. If there is one thing emma loves, its face painting. If there is face painting at an event, she is ON IT. So of course we haaaaaaaaaaaaad to do that…

After intermission came the main event. They were the older model cars (80’s and pretty much the era’s of the muscle car). Jeez did they have some engine modifications.  They were LOUD! Luckily I always have earplugs in my purse (started when we were involved in boat racing the last couple of years), for Emma to wear. This round had rollovers, fires, you name it. There was also a driver that came all the way from Port Townsend (Washington) to smash up his car, I mean compete. Guess they don’t smash cars on purpuse up there. Here is a picture of the fire…..

Soooooo if after hearing about this event left any doubt in your mind that this was a lil bit (A LOT) redneck the picture below outta seal the deal for you. 😉


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