Project: Subway Art

I have seen “Subway Art” (as in the mode of transportation, not the sandwich place) all over the internet these days.  I am really starting to like it.  I decided to do a couple of my own.
I used Microsoft Publisher to create mine. In Publisher, you can specify the size you want your page to print out at. This was helpful in keeping it from becoming “pixely” (is that a word?) when you want to enlarge it. Publisher allows you to convert your file from a .pub file to a .jpg so you can upload it to your favorite photo printing place and have it printed that way. I chose large sizes that I knew I could have printed as a photo, and could find a frame for. I did one that was 11×14, and one 16×20. 
The first one I did was a coffee themed one.  Because I LOVE COFFEE.

I had it printed by as an 11×14. I also purchased a picutre frame for there, for $5 (cheeeap!).  I loved the color and finish of it, and it went well with the coffee theme, so I left it as is.

Here’s what it looks like framed….

I also did a beach themed one.

This one I had printed as a “poster”, 16×20. I went to Hobby Lobby for the frame for this one. They had 50% off all picture frames, and I knew I wanted a wood one so that I could paint it white. It cost me $13 which is $2 cheaper than Walmart sells their metal ones for, that cannot be re-finished.

I dismanlted the frame, and spraypainted (2 coats) it white. (Using the same paint I used on my wall picture collage).

Here it is all framed up….(I know it looks yellow in the photo, but it’s not, honest!)

This is the other one I did for my daughters bedroom, but I have not framed it yet…..

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  1. Looks kewl as a wall decor. Quite an interesting idea. Didn’t know it is called subway art. In the visualization community it is called word clouds and then there are several tools which let you create word clouds with different features (layouts, color, size etc) such as Wordle (

    • Hi Mudita – I did a different post about word clouds earlier on my blog. They are similar, but different. If you look up subway art on google images (or wherever you like to find images on line, you will see what I mean). I Did come across Wordle, but it would not work for some reason, so I found a couple other cools generator sites to use. Check out my post on clouds….

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