A quick update

Well, I have not posted in a little while and have been reminded to “do so”.  So I am!  I have lot’s to catch you up on.  Let’s see…..where to start…..

My biggest news is that I have been accepted to exhibit my oil paintings in the August 2nd Kennewick Art Walk (read about it here). I was SO EXCITED to get this news!  This means my work officially passes muster. I will have 10 or so paintings on display (also for sale).  If you are in the area, come down to the exhibit and check it out. 🙂  It’s from 5:00pm – 9:00pm Thursday, August 2nd. There will also be 5 other artists work on display.  Here are a couple of my paintings to give you a little “taste” of what I’ve been working on…. 

It’s been quite the learning process working with oil paints.  (If you have not read about my very first experience with them, click here).  Between trial and error, asking questions, and reading things on-line, I have managed to increase my knowledge A LOT.  It’s awesome what you can find on that there internet web these days huh? 😉  And here I thought I would stick with Acrylics, cuz they are “easy”…..but I just cannot resist the vibrant colors of Oils.

Let’s see…what else….I got all of my flowers, herbs and some lettuce planted…the lettuce is doing well!  Of course, living in the desert helps…everything loves SUNSHINE (including me).

Here is right after I planted them…

Here they are last week….. (they’re even bigger now yay!)

We had a beautiful Mothers Day weekend.  The weather was beautiful, I got a lot of planting accomplished. Even had some time to volunteer down at one of our local pet rescues POPP (Pet Over-Population Prevention) on Saturday. Every time I go down there, it’s a challenge for me not to load all the pups up in my Explorer and bring ’em home with me. Emma has picked up a love of animals from me as well.  Grandma brought her down to the adoption center for a little while so she could keep the dogs company. These were her favorite (no surprise)….

We had an awesome brunch with my Mom and her best friend Pam, and of course Emma.  Here are a few pics from the day….

Emma and I made Grandma’s Mothers Day gift (of course). It was nothing fancy…but she loved it….cuz that’s what Grandma’s do….love everything.  🙂  You can see it here

 The school year is coming close to an end, so the kindergartener’s had their end of year program.  Here is a picture of Emma during the program.  She is holding the “G”. I was so proud of her!

So there’s a short update for ya. I’ll post more soon. Have a great day! 


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