About Me….

About Me

I’m a single (divorced), working mom of a beautiful, creative, smart, and goofy 6-year-old girl.  I work in the Quality Division for a National Research & Development Laboratory. We live in Washington State.  I grew up mostly in Seattle, but moved to the dry side of the state about 10 years ago.  It’s pretty much a desert here, complete with tumble weeds and sagebrush.  I do miss the tree’s, mountains, and water of the “wet side”.  In fact, I don’t think I could live here without the big beautiful Columbia River nearby.

I have an older brother, who lives on the “wet side” with his beautiful and amazing wife and their four kids.  I’m sure I will be blogging about the time Emma gets to spend with her four cousins (after I get mom and dad’s permission to include them of course).


I spent most of my vacations, summers, and holiday weekends  going to Hood Canal.  It’s my true authentic “Happy Place”.  My grandparents built a summer cabin up there that thankfully, is still in our family.  Now my daughter gets to enjoy time spent there as well (most of it hunting for sea creatures or anything “alive” on the beach or in the water).  Below is the view of the Olympic Mountains from our bulkhead.  See why I love it there?

It’s right here…..

Rocky New Year

2012 has started off VERY rocky for me.  My step-mom was diagnosed with Glioblastoma (Brain Cancer) in October of 2010, and this January, found out after a year of clear MRI’s, that the cancer has returned (aggressively).  She has made the decision that quality of life in her remaining time means more to her than continuing with more aggressive treatments and prolonging the inevitable.  She is a strong woman, and has endured a LOT.  She is at peace with her decision, and with God.  That’s the most important thing……however…that being said, it’s not quite as easy on the rest of us who love her.  If you want to know JUST how amazing she is, here’s a perfect example:  The same week we found out that she had chosen hospice over further treatment of the cancer, my boyfriend of 2 years decided he no longer wanted to be in a relationship.  I was pretty devastated by it.  I didn’t see it coming.  Anyway, I called my step-mom, to check in with her and see how SHE was doing and talk with her (in between periods of my sobbing on the phone both about her and my breakup).  The conversation ended up being HER (remember the one with CANCER) consoling ME and encouraging to be strong.  It’s almost a little embarrassing and feels selfish, but that’s how it went.  And if you knew her and her strength, it wouldn’t surprise you to hear that.  Here is a picture of us, just after having the initial surgery removing the tumor (notice the strange similarity in our hairstyles with the mystery tweak we both have? Haha)

So for some strange reason, all this has managed to inspire me to finally do something I have wanted to do for a very long time.  Start a blog.  I have no idea WHY, but it has.  They say that journaling is very therapeutic.  I have never been much of a journaler (is that a word?), but perhaps this blog can serve the same purpose for me.


Emma and I have two pets.  One of which, is a disgustingly cute 6-year-old dappled mini-doxie named Riley.  He has a few bad habits, but hey, nobody’s perfect, right?  He makes a great nighttime bed heater for me, although sometimes I’m convinced he has sleep apnea the way he snores and sleeps all the time. He pretty much goes everywhere we go, so you will see him pop up in the blog frequently.

Our other pet (mostly Emma’s), is Daisy, her cat.  She sleeps with Emma, eats with Emma, follows her around, drinks out of her Beta fish bowl, and sometimes eats her fish’s food too when Emma leaves the lid off.  Daisy also frequently acts like velcro to Riley. Daisy will rub on Riley trying to muster up some puppy love, but usually Riley is just too tired to oblige her.  Sometimes I think that Daisy has identity “issues”.  Cat? Dog? Fish?  She’s not really sure.  (In the photo below, there is a small “crown” above Daisy’s head….Emma taped it to her fur….suprisingly, she didn’t seem to mind).

Random Info About Me

I. LOVE. FLIP FLOPS.  Why?  Not sure.  Maybe it’s because they come in sooooooo many colors and patterns.  You can wear fancy flips, or just plain fun ones. Maybe it’s because my feet like the freedom.  Maybe it’s the fact that they are so easy to just slip on and off? Maybe it’s because some people say that flip-flops are not shoes, they are a way of life, and I kinda like that idea. Perhaps it’s a combination of them all.  I just don’t know for sure.  What I do know, is I love them! Once we start to get snow, I do have to draw the line and wear normal shoes.  I have found myself wearing them into November though!

I LOVE COFFEE!  I try not to “buy” it all the time (from my local coffee shops/stands), cuz lord knows that get’s ridiculously expensive, but I end up buying it more often than I would like.  I have found that I don’t feel quite as guilty for buying a $5 cup of coffee, if I also choose to purchase the person behind me’s $5 cup of coffee.  Yes, I spent twice as much, but I am pretty sure I helped to brighten that person’s day, which is priceless in my book.  It’s happened to me a time or two, and I KNOW it turned my day around….on the spot!  Pay it forward! 

Some other things you might like to know about me, but I don’t really feel like putting into “paragraph” form……

I think I could eat pizza for all 3 meals of the day.  It’s my all time favorite food.

I have loved horses all my life, and owned two until about 4 years ago.

I love flowers. Plumeria are my favorite.

I love colors – lots of colors!

My heritage is Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Irish, and Indian.

I love the water, beaches, and boating. Salt water, fresh water, lakes, rivers, cold oceans, warm oceans…..I love it all.

I like to fly fish but have not done it in years.

I was Jr. Miss Denmark in the Scandinavian MidSummer Festival in Astoria Oregon when I was 7 yrs old.

I love all things in nature……the scenery and beauty of it, the animals…(I know it sounds corny but its TRUE).  I suppose that’s why I love to travel and love to camp.  I get to experience them both.

I love road trips, and camping, and traveling in general.

I have never been to Mexico and DESPERATELY want to go there!

I’m a Scorpio.  And the description of Scorpio pretty much fits me to the “T”.

I love to “make” things.  I like crafts, photography, and scrapbooking.  I find that most of the time I like to get supplies for making things, more than I actually have the time to MAKE them though.  Haha.

So now you know a little bit about me. If you choose to follow, I hope you enjoy my blog.  If you do, leave me a comment!


6 responses

  1. Awwww, you are TOO kind. No, really. You have my full permission to use whatever my four knuckle heads can provide as blog fodder for you. This is GREAT, Kelly! I’m anxious to read more!

  2. hey Kelly,

    I am looking forward to follow your blog regularly. Good to read and find out so much about yourself. Can you tell me more about your Indian lineage? Have you ever been to India?

    I love your creativity and get so inspired by it. Keep it going!

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