Visit to the Promise Land (a.k.a. Cabela’s)

A couple weeks ago, Emma and I were headed for Hood Canal to spend some time with my friend Lauren and her son Hunter who have a cabin right next door to our cabin.  It was such a nice weekend, despite the non-stop rain.  I will post some fun pics I took that weekend later.  For now, I want to share some from the stop we made along the way.  I have shopped at Cabela’s on line for many years, but have NEVER actually BEEN IN one.  Not too long ago (or maybe it was because time does seems to slip by faster and faster these days, and I KNOW it has NOTHING to do with age so stop thinking that!), they built one in Olympia (actually Lacy, but same diff. really).  If you have never been in one…..let me tell you, it’s like DISNEYLAND!!  I could not believe all the stuff in there!  There’s a TON of animals (kind of like the zoo, except….well….they are dead, and stuffed), a live aquarium, tons of awesome “stuff” to buy of course, a cafe, glass elevators, some fun shooting games for kids AND adults….it was pretty much AMAZING. Emma and I would have been happy just spending the whole DAY in there. 🙂 

No catch and release here. We took one home!

You can view the rest of the photos from our stop at Cabela’s here.