About to enter the tunnel of awesomeness (that's just what we called it)

There were TONS of fish.


Look at THAT!


This sea lion was um....HUGE. (Btw...It's real...but dead, and stuffed).


So loving the bright and cheery spring colors out this year!! YAY


This was the "Omigosh they have an AQUARIUM TOO???" face.


Complete with Sturgeon!


He's being coy....


They had BINS FULL of stuffed (like stuffed fabric...not dead, stuffed) fish.


More huge fishies....these were as long as Emma is tall. And reasonably priced at $20!


Anybody need a rub? For BBQ that is. Any flavor you want...they had it!


Tons of stuffed dead animals. But very educational for the kiddos. They each have an informational sign by them.


Trout (alive)


Sturgy again


Just cute


Awe and wonderment....

They even have African animals. See, it IS like a zoo..except..well, you know.





We almost got charged at.



I think if they were alive, that leopard would turn around and eat that Zebra. It's the circle of life ya know...


Mmmmm....smoked sturgeon....


I see myself getting lost in this section come summertime. 🙂


Wow...all this amazing stuff at Disneyland...we had to stop for a snack at the cafe.


Oh yeah...and throw in the full size airplane hanging from the ceiling, and you can practically call this the museum of flight too. Haha






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