Spring Day at Hood Canal and a Bone

The first photo, needs a little explanation….I don’t usually take photos of bones. Well, I don’t usually just run across them lying around either.  So, this was the same weekend that Emma and I went to the Pacific Science Center, etc.   We stayed at our place on Hood Canal.  Emma could not WAIT to get down on the beach to hunt for sea-creatures. The sun was out, it was BEAUTIFUL.  As we were walking down the beach in search of crabs and eels, we ran across this bone. We both stopped and just looked down at it in silence for a minute. My first thought is OMG a HUMAN bone.  EEWWWW.  I think that must have been Emma’s first thought also, because this was her response to seeing it…..before I even said anything….. “It’s not a human bone. I can tell, because it’s broken, and there’s nothing in it.” I quickly re-assured her that “Yes, I’m sure it’s an animal bone” (while I am still thinking to myself….eewwww IS that a human bone??)  I had to chuckle and was wondering, exactly what she thought would be IN it if it were human?  Like, the REST of the human? 🙂


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